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U2 Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer Keychain

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"Having this breathalyzer keychain around is so convenient and it works really well!" - Kris M. ✅  Verified Buyer

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Our Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer Keychain is the most innovative product in the market! Its compact design allows it to be easily brought around. For safety purposes, you can now measure your blood alcohol content anywhere. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe with this keychain! When the product beeps like an alarm, it is unsafe for the user to drive. This product comes with 4 mouth pieces. 

Key Benefits
  • Compact design makes it easy to bring anywhere.
  • Bring it around and test your blood alcohol content whenever you want or need to.
  • Provides instant results.
  • Keep yourself and your loved ones safe.
  • Easy to use.

    Having a drink or two can still affect you and your ability to drive. Just because you do not feel drunk, it does not really mean you are not drunk. It is important to take precaution when drinking. It is advised to never drink and drive. Your ability to drive can still be affected even after sobering up or when you are hungover. To help you in checking your state, try out our Breathalyzer Keychain. It will beep like an alarm when it is used by someone who is in no state to drive.

    Note: It is recommended to take the rest 2 to 3 times for better results.