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Rechargeable Cordless Electric Mop

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Want to get rid of those stuck on dust and stains on your floor with less effort?
Try this Rechargeable Cordless Mop

It can be used for both wet and dry, the dual electric spinning heads help clean or wax the floor quickly with little effort.

The cordless mop is rechargeable and has a 50 minute cleaning time in in just one charge. Simply wet the microfiber pads with water and let it do all the cleaning! Floor cleaner is not necessary.
AS SEEN ON TV SuperMaid Electric Spin Mop Cordless Electric Rotary Rechargeable Floor Sweeper

  • EFFORTLESS CLEANING.¬†The mop¬†is gentle enough for¬†pine and laminate floors¬†yet able clean and polish any hard floor surface quickly and easily.

  • CORDLESS AND RECHARGEABLE.¬†Unlike traditional wired cleaners, you can move freely with this cordless. It can¬†clean your floor for up to 50 minutes in one charge.
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  • REUSABLE¬†MICROFIBRE PADS.¬†This¬†comes with 2 reusable, machine-washable pads that allow you to save money from buying new ones. The pads are also replaceable.

  • POWER SWITCH EASY ACCESS.¬†You don't need to bend down to power on this electric mop you can just use your foot¬†to turn it on or off!

  • CLEAN & POLISH ALL HARD SURFACES.¬†Effectively cleans the stains on the floor. You can use this on wood, tile, marble or stones.


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