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Pilates & Yoga Fitness Ring Sport

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Do you wish fuel up your Pilates training?

You can add more challenge to your workout that your toned muscles will be boosted with the help of this Pilates Training Fitness Ring! This training accessory is often referred as the core of Pilates practices because it helps strengthening muscles through resistance and balance.

The fitness ring features an ergonomic handle on both sides which offer stability and comfort. It also provides the accurate amount of resistance for those who are just getting into toning and it has a high degree of flexibility that is especially useful in arm and thigh workouts.


  • ELEVATE YOUR PILATES ROUTINE: Adding this ring into your Pilates routine helps engage specific muscles, making each move more strenuous and intensive 
  • WELL TONED ARMS & THIGHS: Boost any workout by targeting problem areas like outer and inner thighs, upper arms, abs and chest
  • GET FIT & STRONG: Offering the perfect balance between resistance and flexibility. The ring focuses on toning muscles, improving body stamina, and promoting proper posture
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: The ring has a non-slip coating to protect your grip from sweat during an intense low-impact session

  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Perfect for travel because it is lightweight and does not take up a lot of space so you’ll never have to miss a workout while travelling
  • DUAL SIDED PADS: The sweat-resistant pads provide ultimate comfort
  • PRACTICAL: You don’t need to buy an expensive machine because with this ring you can meet and exceed your fitness goals accompanied by comfort at your home
  • BUILT TO LAST: Made from high-quality, durable material that maintains its shape and doesn't crack even after the most strenuous exercises


Satisfaction Guarantee: 

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