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Potato Growing Bag

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Grow Your Own Potatoes At Home!

You don't need a full-sized garden to plant your potatoes because now you can grow them anywhere if you have this Potato Growing Bag! This product offers an ideal solution for gardeners who love homegrown potatoes but do not require much space for long rows. Unlike growing them in a conventional garden, using the bag gives you the option to control the soil & the environment where they grow. Suitable for planting potatoes, radish, carrots, onions & more!

It even provides you the convenience of eliminating the need for hilling or digging of soil beds. The bag has a sturdy material with an access flap & bottom holes to ensure proper soil aeration, prevent heat build-up, & drain away excess water. Its reinforced handles also make it easy to move from one place to another.


  • MAXIMUM BREATHABILITY: Designed with three air vents at the bottom to prevent excessive moisture storage, ensure full-angle ventilation, provide better drainage, & airflow
  • HAVE HEALTHIER ROOTS: It allows the roots to breathe, to have improved structure & grow healthier for stronger, healthier plants
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: The Velcro flap window eliminates the need to remove the plant or soil, allowing you to easily observe the growth & the maturity of your crops
  • CONVENIENT: Eliminates the need to pour out the bag & makes harvesting easier than traditional gardening without causing any damage to the plant
  • EASY TO USE: Provides effortless planting, growing, & harvesting of crops
  • EASY STORAGE: The planting bags can be folded when not in use & stored until the next planting season
  • DURABLE: The growing bag has a lightweight material with reinforced handles & a strong load-carrying capacity for easy movement
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Constructed from a non-toxic & biodegradable material that will not pollute the environment & affect the quality of vegetables

How to Use

  • Fill the bag with soil or compost
  • Plant 4 to 6 seeds up to 4 inches deep
  • Cover with more soil, water & observe
  • Separate the potatoes from the access flap
  • Take the large potatoes & let the small potatoes grow in the ground


  • Material: Non-woven fabric
  • Size: 
    • Small: 25x30cm
    • Medium: 30x35cm
    • Large: 35x40cm
  • Volume: 
    • Small: 15L
    • Medium: 25L
    • Large: 37L

Package Includes

1 x Potato Growing Bag



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