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Phyto Grow LED COB Light

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"Thanks to this product, my plants are growing really well!" - Jessie K. ✅  Verified Buyer


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Our Phyto Grow Light is the most innovative product in the market! It incorporates Chip-On-Board (COB) technology to make it more compact and simple to use. The bulbs used are LED so it is energy efficient. Our Phyto Grow Light also helps young seedlings grow well. It is perfect for your indoor plants that need more light!  

💡 Grow Lights are used to provide a light spectrum similar to the sun so that your plants can grow well.

Key Benefits:
  • Works well with a variety of plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs
  • Helps indoor plants optimally grow
  • Save on electricity costs as it uses Energy efficient LED and technology
  • Compatible with any indoor environment such as grow box, grow tent, hydroponics etc.
  • Good for the growth of young seedlings
  • Easy to install and use

Have some indoor plants that need more sunlight? Maybe your plants are not getting enough sunlight because of where they are positioned or the lack of sunlight indoors. All sorts of plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs need proper care to grow well. For optimal growth, try out our Phyto Grow Light! 

Note: It needs a heatsink aluminium for cooling. Do not use it without a heatsink aluminium.