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Microwavable Instant Egg Poacher Maker

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Cooking eggs is one of the easiest dish you can make but also can be very tricky. It requires perfect timing and instruction when making one especially the poach egg. Agree? Yes., that is why we’re excited to introduce to you the MICROWAVABLE INSTANT EGG POACHER MAKER.


Microwavable Instant Egg Poacher Maker is a QUICK and EASY way to CREATE PERFECT POACH EGGS. It is made of HIGH-QUALITY, FOOD GRADE PLASTIC material making it SAFE and NON-TOXIC to use. It can EFFECTIVELY WITHSTAND OVEN TEMPERATURE to PERFECTLY COOK your eggs. It has a COVER and STRAINER for a FASTER and HANDIER RESULT and EGG MAKING.

Microwavable Instant Egg Poacher Maker has TWO EGG SLOTS that HELPS you SAVE TIME and ENERGY COOKING. It is GUARANTEED to be FASTER, HEALTHIER and PERFECT than making eggs through a STOVETOP METHOD.

It is VERY EASY to USE just PLACE the STRAINERS into the TRAY and FILL the tray with WATER. Drop EGGS on the TRAY and COVER. POP into the MICROWAVE and WAIT for 2MINUTES. YES! You read it right, just 2 MINUTES and you can ENJOY PERFECT SOFT POUCHED EGGS. It is IDEAL for PEOPLE who’s ALWAYS on-the-go, or for BUSY MOMS, or whose who lived in DORMS and SMALL APARTMENTS.


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