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Medical In Ear Cleaning Endoscope Mini Camera Ear Wax Removal

USB Endoscope
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Make cleaning your ears simple and easy with the USB Endoscope.

Use the attachment of your choice to properly remove unwanted ear wax build-up, while watching an HD real-time video of your ear canal!

  • Smaller Camera:¬†This otoscope¬†allows easy entry to the ear canal to examine eardrum.¬†This otoscope DO NOT support iPhone or iPad!¬†
  • 720P HD & Safe Camera Chip:¬†Using state-of-the-art technology to make the camera chip,¬†USB Endoscope is proud to offer a camera sensor up to 1.3M, so we can provide our customers with clearer images & outstanding color reproduction. In addition, this ear camera has solved the overheating for your safety.


  • Compatible with Android, MacBook & Windows PC:¬†This otoscope works with Android 4.5+ devices (support OTG & UVC function), Windows 7/8/10 & MAC OS10.6+ PC.¬†You can get a clear image of your eardrum on your device.


  • 6 Adjustable LED lights:¬†The light in the narrow ear canal is very poor,¬†the¬†white lights located on the tip of the camera will help you capture much more realistic images.


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