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M3 Smart Sport Bracelet Wristband Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor

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Losing weight and staying fit are a breeze with this do-everything smart watch.

  • Track your workout in 8 different fitness modes
  • check calories burned, while keeping an eye on your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels.
  • If you need reminding to get up from the computer, the wristband will remind you that it's time to stretch. If you forget to stay hydrated, it will remind you that it's time to drink some water.
  • Look below for the more than 16 functions, and snag your smart watch now. 

See the many features of this amazing smart watch


  • Beautiful, simple design with a large, highly-readable face.
  • Skin-friendly band  stays comfortable through the toughest workout, all day long.
  • 8-sports option keeps track, no matter what your workout. (walking, running, swimming, badminton, football and three more). 
  • Track mileage, distance, steps and time for your exercise. 
  • Watch your health with blood pressure, heart-rate and oxygen-level monitoring.
  • Tracks how long you slept and the quality of your rest.
  • Reminds you to move when you're sedentary, and to drink water regularly.
  • Is it going to rain? Weather monitor keeps you informed.
  • Choice of dials, alarms, palming screen brightening.
  • Track your watch's location with the "find bracelet" function.
  • Bluetooth link for call reminder, push notifications, QQ reminders App connection and much more.


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