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Hands-Free Flat Mop Set

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"I never knew mopping could be this easy until I tried this product!" - Lily A. ✅  Verified Buyer

Our brand new Hands-free Mop will make your cleaning much more quicker and easier. An all in one product! It can be used as a broom, dry mop, wet mop, and window cleaner. Reduce your cleaning time with our mop as it eases the process in just 2 quick actions, clean and dry. Our mop's 360 degree design makes reaching those hard to reach areas easier!


  • Easier preparation as its hands-free flat mop design makes preparing hassle-free
  • Effortless use so you won't have to fiddle with the traditional mop and having to put in the extra effort to manually dry the mop
  • Clean any floor surface our mop can be used on any type of floor surface such as tile, wood, bamboo, stone and cement
  • Hard to clean areas? No problem. Our mop's 360 design makes it easy to reach and clean
  • Amazing absorption our mop's microfibre cloth can easily absorb liquids and pick up dust, hair, dirt etc. It is reusable and washable so it is much more economical and environmentally-friendly

Just imagine how much easier cleaning would be with our mop. Hands-free preparation, easy usage and effective cleaning.When you just need to clean up some dust or hair you can just use it with its mop cloth without any water. Mop under the couch and around the dining area easily.