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D1 Fitness Watch with Bluetooth Earbuds

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"Definitely a game changer. It conveniently has everything I need!" - Michael B. ✅ Verified Buyer

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Our Fitness Watch with Earphones is the most revolutionary smart watch in the market! Say hello to this all in one gadget. It just got even more convenient as our smart watch is a fitness tracker that also holds a pair of bluetooth wireless earbuds. Designed for anyone on the go and is even perfect as a workout buddy!

With the earbuds already included you don't really need to bring anything else for your workout. Connect it with the app for you to easily track and achieve your fitness goals! 

💡 Studies show that using a fitness tracker daily can help individuals increase their daily steps by more than a mile and achieve a heart-smart daily goal.

Key Benefits: 

  • All in 1 charging for the watch and earbuds so you will only need to charge one device
  • Instantly take your blood pressure anywhere and anytime
  • Keep up to date with your phone notifications even when 10meters away

  • You don't need to keep charging it as it has an amazing battery life which can lasts 7 to 15 days with one single charge

  • Achieve your fitness goals as you track your burnt calories and heart rate during your workout sessions to make sure you are hitting your daily goals

Just imagine hitting your daily health goals with our watch and always having your earbuds with you. Feel a sense of accomplishment and convenience. At the end of the day, nothing is more important than your health and having our watch on your wrist daily will not only remind you to go break a sweat but also makes sure that you are never without your favourite music while on the way to work or to the gym.