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Baby Spoon Feeding Bottle

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 "It makes feeding baby food so much easier and I can conveniently bring it around!" - Bethany H. ✅  Verified Buyer


Our Baby Spoon Feeding Bottle makes feeding time so much easier! You can even bring it around so that you can feed your baby anytime anywhere. It also helps your baby get used to eating with a spoon and eating semi-liquid/solid foods. Its food-grade silicone soft spoon is safe and easy to use. 

Key Benefits
  • It's compact design makes it easy to bring around.
  • The spoon attachment helps babies get used to eating with a spoon.
  • Easy-to-use spoon bottle design makes feeding time so much easier.
  • Perfect for all types of semi-liquid/solid foods and purees.
  • Suction cup at the bottom helps you put it down for a moment without creating a mess.

    Ever forgot to bring a baby spoon or just find it a hassle to bring one around? Well try out our Baby Spoon Feeding Bottle and say goodbye to such hassles! Our product will make feeding time seamless as all you need to do is fill it up with some food or puree, close it and bring it anywhere to be used. It can also be used at home for easy feeding!  


    Note: This product's highest heat resistance is 248°F.