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90 Degree Right Angle Clamp

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Woodworking Joinery Just Became Easier!

Be impressed with the 90 Degree Right Angle Clamp that you can count on. These are handy tools used in various activities such as holding woodwork and carrying out a wide range of activities. Screw or glue boards together in a perfect square. The accuracy of the equipment also allows you to make and reinforce frames with precision.
You can use the equipment for gluing or fastening frames with no difficulty. The angle clamps woodworking is also suitable for both angle and corner clampings. This is one versatile device you must have in your toolbox.


PERFECTLY ALIGNED CORNERS: Keeps your joints and corners aligned. Quickly and easily hold boards and frames together at an angle of 90 Degree
EASY SINGLE-HAND OPERATION: Rubberized single handle has a solid and anti-skid finish. Make your job easy and fast with just one hand
CLAMPING POWER: Can firmly and securely hold objects in place.
DURABLE and LIGHTWEIGHT: This is made with strong and durable ABS but light to hold in hand comfortably for extended periods of time. 
ADJUSTABLE and PRECISE: Automatically adjusts for you to work on different board thicknesses with its sturdy spring.

MULTIPLE APPLICATION: Best for woodwork, cabinet connections, photo frame reinforcement, and wooden DIY projects.
HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Sturdy frame that can adjust the hold and worry-free that it will get rusted. 
SAVES TIME: Available in a variety of designs and styles implies everyone to save labor time and reduce surface workload.


Color: Orange + Black
Clamping range: 5-22mm, 10-22mm
Total Length: 78mm / 3.1in
Maximum Width: 85mm / 3.3in
Maximum Height: 51mm / 2.0in



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